Serve Teams

Compassion Teams

One of the key convictions of UBC is to foster a loving community for everyone who calls this church home. We want everyone that is a part of our church to experience the love and compassion of this church family, especially during a time of need or in special circumstances.

Another one of our key convictions is to be a prayer driven church. One of our favorite quotes captures the spirit of our commitment to prayer. We believe, “prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work” (Oswald Chambers).

We also want to be a place for healing. As we foster a recovery ministry at UBC we need a team of people who have the desire to help others who need healing in their life. The teams below are a great way to help provide spiritual support to key areas in the church.

The teams below are designed to make that love felt in a tangible way. Select any or all of the teams below that might interest you.

  • Grief Care – join the team in charge of preparing a meal to be provided during a memorial service at UBC.
  • Homebound Visitations – a team that ensures our homebound members receive personal visitations.
  • Prayer – coordinating weekly prayer meetings, prayer walks, and developing our prayer ministry
  • Recovery - walking with others through recovery from some of life's greatest addictions, hang-ups and challenges


Thank you to the many volunteers who donated their time and energy to serve children at Westcliff Elementary in June 2019, teaching them what it means to "get wild" for Jesus! Our volunteers and Serve Teams are an important part of our ministry. Watch this fun highlight video to see what it's like to work in children's ministry at UBC!

Get Involved in Children’s Ministry