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Small Groups

DG Adults 50+ - Online, Led by Glynn Mathis

Tuesday, 10:30 AM

Jesus Speaks! Together we study and apply the words of Jesus. Be prepared to look at the Parables, the Sermon on the Mount and more. Study the words of Jesus and allow His words to transform your life.Contact the leader to help pick the day and time for the study. Led by Glynn Mathis. Email glynn.mathis@yahoo.com for more info.

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DG College - In Person, Led by Clay Ryan

Monday, 7:00 PM | 2713 Wabash Ave Fort Worth, TX 76109

Learning to be disciples who make disciples. You can expect to find a group of people here who support one another in their journey of faith. We will pray, hangout, and walk through a book of the Bible together - sharing  what God is teaching us and how our lives are changed. For more information, email jason@ubcfortworth.org


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DG College Online, Led by Cheryl Wilson

Wednesday, 5:30 PM

Great friends! Great life! Great God! We meet online so no matter where you are or what your schedule, there is a place for you. Email tcucheryl@yahoo.com  or   jason@ubcfortworth.org  for more info

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DG Couples - Online, Led by Johnny & Miranda Maples

Wednesday, 8:00 PM

We are a group that has young children or expecting children very soon. Of course, anyone is accepted in our group, children or not. We meet virtually for an hour each week. Each week we spend time talking about the joys and hardships of our life and discussing different scriptures and Bible stories each week. Our group supports one another as we navigate newborn and toddler life. We meet later in the evening once the kiddos are put to bed. Online group. Led by Johnny & Miranda Maples. Email  jmaples@aisd.net  or   miranda.shue@gmail.com  for more info

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DG Couples - West Arlington, Led by Jerimiah & Jennifer Smith

Tuesday, 7:00 PM

We are wrangling kids, wrangling life, and finding joy in the process. God's goodness set our direction and this band of friends helps us do life better! We alternate between weeks with guys meeting one week and girls meeting another, then we have one big hang out with everyone once a month. Email jerimiah@ubcfortowrth.org or jennianne81@yahoo.com  for more info

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DG Fun Adults

Tuesday, 7:00 PM | 612 NW Lorna St Burleson, TX 76028

Having fun and following Jesus while we do it! Some of us are working on a degree, in our first real job, looking for that first real job... and some of us have found our niche and God is growing us there. Reach out! Join us! It will be fun!

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DG Men - Online, Led by Tommy Gilstrap

Tuesday, 7:30 PM

God is our strength. So whether it is related to home, work, family or friends, the strength of Christ is what sustains us... and the band of brothers God puts around us. We spend time visiting, sharing stories of our everyday life, reading and studying scripture and praying for each other. Online Only. Led by Tommy Gilstrap.   Email tommygilstrap@gmail.com for more info.

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DG Men - Shane Park

Tuesday, 6:30 PM | 2713 Wabash Ave Fort Worth, TX 76109

This is opportunity for men to grow as disciples of Jesus, together.  As His followers, we should continually be transformed into his image, carry one another’s burdens, pray for the needs of our brothers, grow deeper in our understanding of the Word, encourage and sharpen the Body, and take the hope of the Gospel to the world around us.  I would be honored to have you join us: Email shanempark@gmail.com or Call/Text 817-372-4918

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DG Middle/High School Coed

Tuesday, 7:00 PM

This group is filled with guys and girls coming together to study God's Word, laugh hard, wrestle with the tough things and share life.  Email icarsonrap@gmail.com or jason@ubcfortworth.org for more info. We will meet outside the church.

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