Serve at UBC

There are many ways to serve in the life of UBC. All the options listed below highlight service opportunities that typically take place on the UBC Campus or with UBC members. Whether this is helping with Sunday mornings or caring for members in times of need, our Serve Teams play a critical role in making this church a special place to be.

If your passion is to engage beyond the walls of the church, then check out the Missions page for those details. Otherwise, please read through the many areas below to see where you can serve in a meaningful way in the life of UBC.



Compassion Teams

If you enjoy showing compassion to others through meals, prayer or personal visits, then consider these areas as a place to serve.

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If you have any experience in the areas of audio, photography, videography, writing and social media then consider these teams as a place to serve.

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Sunday Worship

There are several roles that need to be filled to make a Sunday morning worship service work. Join one of these teams to help with regular or special events.

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Ministry Areas

Help serve in all of our age-based ministry areas including children, youth, college, adults and senior adults.

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Guest Services

If you enjoy helping guests feel welcomed when they arrive on a Sunday morning, then consider these areas as a place to serve.

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If your gift is to provide behind-the-scenes support through food, decorating or landscaping, then this area of service is for you.

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