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Invite Him In

Suggested Reading: Luke 19:1-10It’s December! This time of year, during the hustle and bustle of the season, we all usually find time to decorate our homes with festive decor. I know in our house, it’s a whole family event! We transform our homes, sometimes inside and out to reflect the change happening around us, that is, the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus. It makes me think of the profound story of Zacchaeus, a story that intertwines the joy of the season with...

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Posted by Martha Harvey

Anticipating Arrival

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I remember anticipating the birth of our first child. We did all we could to prepare ahead of time, reading about deliveries, attending classes, praying for God’s mercies, and readying our home. At some point, we simply had to wait for Stormy, as we had affectionately nicknamed our unborn child.Other parents we knew had their babies arrive early. We wondered if our baby may arrive early too, but Stormy had other plans that didn’t involve hurrying or punctuality.Stormy’s due...

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Posted by Kathy Raines

Called to Go

I have many memories sitting in the large auditorium surrounded by more than a thousand college students.  My friends and I were in high school, just 16 years old, but this had become our weekly tradition for Thursday nights.  We would meet up at Dos Amigos for dinner and then head over to Grace, a weekly worship service targeting college students at the three Christian universities located in Abilene.  While the target audience was older, it wasn’t uncommon for high...

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Posted by Jerimiah Smith

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