UBC Enriched

On Sunday mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. we invite you to jump in with us and be enriched at UBC! These groups meet for 8 weeks to grow and learn, serve and fellowship. It's the perfect next step to go deeper at UBC! 

Discipleship | Hidden in Plain Sight: Rediscovering the Gospel of Jesus for the 21st Century


"As a proclaimer and teacher of the gospel of his kingdom, I do not cease to announce a gospel about Jesus. That remains forever foundational. But I also recognize the need and opportunity to announce the gospel of Jesus (Mark 1:1)-the gospel of the present availability to every human being of a life in The Kingdom Among Us. Without that, the gospel about Jesus remains destructively incomplete." - Dallas Willard, The Divine Conspiracy

The gospel is often reduced to accepting a presentation of a theory of atonement in order to “go to heaven” at death. The message that is usually presented often has little to do with life as well as how to live it (other than avoiding certain moral failures) and is focused on life after death. We will look at the Good News (gospel) as Jesus presented it, within the context of the full Old and New Testament.
Led by Will McDonald, May 7 - June 11

Healing | Jesus, Art and The Abundant Life

Scripture redefines what it means to live an abundant life. Let's explore that life of abundance through ancient stories of faith, allowing them to whisper God's word of hope into our lives. As we identify ourselves in each story, we will discover His promises to the people in that context and to people today. Then we will look through the lens of art (music, dance, paint, glass) to amplify our recognition of His presence in times of challenge and times of peace. As Christ is the vine and we are the branches, let us look to the source of abundance to nourish our souls and transform the way we experience each day.
Led by Caroline Poe, May 7 - June 11

Justice | Micah: What is Covenant Faithfulness

Micah of Moresheth was empowered by the Power of God's Spirit to warn the kingdom of Judah and Israel against their evil ways and to warn of God's wrath. Did you know these same issues Micah warned about are still rampant today? These issues faced in the time of Micah also with us today include oppression, deceit, corruption, and plotting evil. Although Micah's warnings are dire, they aren't without hope and a remedy, which ultimately points to Jesus! Over the next six weeks, we will plunge into the word of God, specifically within the book of Micah to understand how we can live in communion with God while being faithful to his covenant which is established in love. Join me!
Led by Raymond Calva, May 7 - June 11