Growing in love and understanding of Christ 

Our adult ministries are geared toward serving people of all ages and life stages - including men, women and senior adults. At University Baptist, we are a family of believers who welcomes and values you in all the seasons of your life! We hope you will join us on Sunday mornings for Sunday Connect - a time of fellowship and Bible study with others in your life stage. 

Find Your Sunday Connect Group

Summer Intergenerational Classes

Sundays, July 7-28, 9:20-10:15 A.M.

*If you have a Sunday Connect group, you may go there from 9:00 – 9:15 to share prayer updates.

How Do I Hear God?

Teacher: Becky Biser, Harris Hall
“I’ve been a Christian for a long time, but God hasn’t spoken to me. Is something wrong with me? No one ever taught me how to hear Him. What am I doing wrong? Do other people really hear God and how are they certain? What if God asks me to do something I can’t do?” We will consider these questions and explore Bible verses to discover how God speaks. We will learn how to position ourselves to hear God and make Him Lord over everything.

Ministry Isn’t Just About “Them”

Teacher: Kyle Johnson, Room 101
Come explore the Biblical (and surprisingly selfish) reasons to be engaged in local ministry, and discover practical yet highly-impactful ways you and your family can serve your community together. Learn how to engage effectively without burning out and find ways to be alerted to needs of families in crisis and how to serve them in relational ways.

And You Thought Your Family Was Messed Up!

Teacher: Matthew Wallis, Room 100 (Parlor)
Think for a moment and try to list a few examples of healthy families in the Bible who are ideals worth emulating. The families in the Bible were far from perfect. We will study Flawed Families of the Bible, an honest book that inspires and encourages with a theme of hope and grace. If you’ve been a member of a flawed family, this is a study for you.

The Bible, Blindfolded

Teacher: Jennea Pilcher, Room 110
As kids we’re told great Bible stories. We’re introduced to faith through mighty kings, valiant warriors, and miraculous victories. As adults we look back on these stories and forget their power. Return to your child-like faith and listen to the beloved and well-known story of David and Goliath. Embark on a journey through your senses as we enter the trenches with the brothers, stand tall with Goliath, send as Saul, and face the odds with David. Bring your own blindfold.

Stewardship: Living a Life That Counts

Teacher: UBC Stewardship Committee, Room 104
For those of you that don’t know, “stewardship” is defined as the responsible management of something given to you. As Christians, we ae given the precious gift of God’s love, the Salvation through Jesus Christ, and the many blessings that come with them. This class will help you become a steward for God’s blessings, teaching you how to properly handle and care for all of them. Come here to gain encouragement and Biblical insight on how you can use all of your resources (time, talents, gifts, and finances) for the glory of God.

*Each class meets for four Sundays. Please join the class you plan to attend for the month. 



We seek to equip women of all ages to mature as followers of Jesus, to connect women through meaningful relationships, and to provide opportunities for women to serve our church and community. We carry out this mission through these areas: 

At the Well

At The Well is our missions and service arm of Women2Women. John 4 points to the vulnerability of a woman who met Jesus at the well, learning of the eternal life offered only through Christ. We both meet Him and tell others about His saving grace. Each month provides an opportunity to hear Jesus stories of God’s amazing work. Also, a mission or service project is attached, challenging us to reach into the community so that our world would know of Christ. 

Third Thursday Prayer

Third Thursday Prayer takes place each month. Women are invited to meet for prayer at 9:30 a.m. These prayer meetings give women an opportunity to pray for church needs as well as personal needs. If childcare is needed, call the church office by the prior Tuesday.

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Our desire is for the men of UBC to encourage one another towards a greater faith in Jesus Christ. Whether it is through the study of God’s word or fostering richer community through events and activities, we hope that the men of our church can be challenged to be disciples who make disciples. Here are some areas where this can be further explored.

Sunday Connect Men’s Class

Come visit our Sunday Connect class at 9 a.m. on Sunday mornings. This is a group of men who study God’s Word together on a regular basis. These men are from all different life stages so anyone is welcome to join and visit.

Events & Cookouts

It’s not uncommon for some of the men to have a cookout and other social events to foster meaningful community. Check out our upcoming events to see what might be scheduled in the near future.

Legacy Adults


The Legacy Adult Ministry is designed to help our Senior Adults remain active in service to our Lord, ministering to others and passing on a legacy to their children and grandchildren. The ministry provides Sunday morning Bible studies and Connect groups, social outings and service opportunities allowing seniors to minister to one another, share Christ and grow spiritually.

Name that Tune!
July 16 from 6:30 - 9:00 PM

Bring a team or join one when you arrive. How many notes does it take your team to Name That Tune? Musical tunes come from Broadway, movies, big band, classical and more. Bring your favorite ice cream flavor to share. We will provide the toppings.

Upcoming Events

Serve Teams 

Looking for a place to use your unique talents and abilities? Find a serve team that's right for you! 

Compassion Teams


If you enjoy showing compassion to others through meals, prayer or personal visits, then consider these areas as a place to serve.



If you have any experience in the areas of audio, photography, videography, writing and social media then consider these teams as a place to serve.

Sunday Worship


There are several roles that need to be filled to make a Sunday morning worship service work. Join one of these teams to help with regular or...

Ministry Areas


Help serve in all of our age-based ministry areas including children, youth, college, adults and senior adults.

Guest Services


If you enjoy helping guests feel welcomed when they arrive on a Sunday morning, then consider these areas as a place to serve.



If your gift is to provide behind-the-scenes support through food, decorating or landscaping, then this area of service is for you.

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