A newer partnership has led our UBC family to serve in Lesotho, Africa.  The chance to work in this unique context is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  With a strong emphasis on teaching and outreach, those who have a heart to share the gospel across cultures would love serving in Lesotho.  Please prayerfully consider joining us on our next trip and allowing God to use you as an ambassador for His love and His truth.

Local Missions

A healthy approach to missions always focuses on the local community. At UBC we have many exciting ways to engage the community. Whether it is teaching a particular skill, meeting a felt need or sharing the hope of the gospel through teaching and evangelism, there are many chances to fulfill God’s call to make disciples.  Consider these areas below and let us know all that interest you.

Global Missions

Jesus’ final words to his followers were to go into all the nations to make disciples. From that moment on the church has seen this Gospel bear fruit all over the world. UBC has unique relationships that have led us to meaningful partnerships and exciting places where we live out the task Jesus has given us. Consider the global mission opportunities below and let us know all that interest you.