Refresh | TCU Move In Day

Welcome to TCU! 

We are so glad you stopped by as you begin your new year at TCU! We hope you are refreshed and will let us know if we can be a support or resource for you in the days ahead.

Please find the TCU interactive map and list of local restaurants below, along with a list of local churches and ministries that helped make your move-in refreshments possible! 

Hosting Church

University Baptist Church - College MINISTRY 

From life-long believers to the curious and questioning, our Thursday night Bible study (called The Table) is a space for all college-aged young adults to learn about and lean into God and His redemption story - a journey we call discipleship. Along with this we host numerous events and provide a myriad of ways to plug into and be supported by the church. 
Instagram: @ubcfwstudents 
Web Page:
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Partner Organizations

 Horned Frog BSM


The BSM exists to help Horned Frogs “Love God, Serve Campus, and Reach the World” better so that one day we can look up and see Horned Frogs sent to the ends of the earth! We do everything from weekly Bible studies, to worship nights, to mission trips all over the world!
Instagram: @hornedfrogbsm
Main Contact: 

Chi Alpha


We believe no one was meant to live life alone. We are a community of students, a family, that desires to follow Christ together and serve our campus, community, and world. We meet weekly in LifeGroups, and have tons of other opportunities to grow spiritually, to connect with friends, and to help others in need. We’d love to meet you, and hope to see you on campus soon!
Instagram: @tcuxa
Main Contact:  

Student Mobilization (StuMo)


Building laborers for Christ from the college campuses of the world.  We help interested students explore the relevance of faith and its relationship to personal, academic, and social concerns.
Instagram: @stumofw
Main Contact:

International Christian Fellowship


International Christian Fellowship is an organization seeking to help international students grow spiritually, build friendships, and adjust to life in America. Events include Welcome, Christmas, and Easter Parties, Bible studies, and cultural dinners that each feature a different country’s customs and cuisine. ICF is made up of both international and American students – we’d love to have you join us!
Instagram: @tcu_icf
Main Contact: 

F.o.c.u.s. (Fellowship of christian university students)


FOCUS is not yet affiliated with TCU, but has shown up to support as they work to join the ministries on campus. FOCUS is an interdenominational campus ministry at a number of campuses in the DFW area. While our community has learned a lot and changed significantly over the years, our mission has always remained the same: making and maturing disciples on DFW college campuses.
Instagram: @any_focus
Main Contact:  

Move-In Resources

TCU Interactive Map

Local Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Resources for college students

We have a free food ministry at UBC that delivers groceries to college students who need help making ends meet. We also have flexible jobs for college students who like working with children!
If interested in jobs, email our Early Learning Center Director, Maddie Bowen - .
For food ministry, contact our Minister to Students, Jason Simon -