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At UBC, we have Family Worship at 10:30 a.m. in the sanctuary.  All Kindergarteners - 5th graders will join the church for the entire worship service. We believe families worshiping together is so important and incredibly formative for our children. To help parents and kids with this transition we will be providing “Worship Bags” each week for kids to enjoy as they follow along in the service.


Littles Church is provided for babies-PreK Littles during the Sunday Worship Service. Littles can be checked in at the Preschool Suite as early as 10:15 (or during the Enriched hour at 9:15). At check-in parents can add any additional instructions for the care of their child (ie: bottle feeding, potty training, allergies, etc). Each child will receive a name tag sticker to be worn on their back  and parents will receive a matching security sticker to show for pickup. 

 In Littles Church your little one will attend the beginning of the worship service with their class and then come back to the classroom for a Bible story, activity, snack and play. Littles Church volunteers have all completed background checks and training. We can’t wait to care for your littles!


Enriched Littles- Preschool Suite
Babies- 2 years old- Yellow Room 129
3 by Sept. 1- PreK- Blue Room 130

Enriched Kids- UKids Clubhouse (large room upstairs) | Pick up in age group classrooms
Enriched Kids is a time for kids of all ages to learn Bible stories  and connect with one another. Each week we offer classes for babies-5th graders. Check in your Babies-PreK at the Preschool Suite and check-in your K-5th grader at the UKids Hallway check-in station. Check in opens at 9:10 and children can be dropped off as early as 9:15. 

Babies- PreK classes are downstairs in the Preschool Suite. K-5th Graders can be dropped off upstairs in the UKids Clubhouse. Pickup for K-5th  is at 10:20. Babies-PreK can continue to stay in their classes through Sunday Worship for Littles Church.  (4th and 5th graders are picked up outside the Sanctuary)   

Each week all children are given take-home materials. One is for them and one is for parents. We want to provide resources for all families to continue the conversations from church at home. We believe the partnership of church and home can make an incredible impact on a child’s spiritual formation. 

Click HERE to download the Parent Cue App to see what we are learning each week + cues for more conversations at home.


Midweek Kids is a program for Babies-5th Grade on Wednesday evenings. Each week our Babies-PreK enjoy a Bible story, music, crafts and learning about missionaries.

Our K-5th Graders will meet in DGroups, enjoy worship all together, learn about missionaries and serve each week in a Ministry Team. 

Midweek Kids is all about the partnership with our families.  For our K-5th graders,  weekly devotional binders are sent home for children to complete. There is a *Parent Talk* page to be completed each week in their devotional binder. We strongly encourage you to make time for this in your home, although it is not required. K-5th graders should bring their binder with them each week to Midweek Kids. Kids are encouraged to wear their Green Vests  that they use to collect earned badges throughout the year for Mission Projects and Ministry Teams that they serve in.  


All UKids Volunteers and Staff have been background checked and trained to serve in their various positions. We take the safety and care of your child(s) as an extreme priority at UBC. We consider it a privilege to get to be a part of your child(s) spiritual formation. 

Want to be a part of the UKids Team? Email for an interview and application process.

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