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Being an Influencer

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Our house is hot. I am upstairs with a fan on in my room, a fan on in Sawyer’s room and a big fan on in the middle room trying to cool the house down. Yet today is a good day. The AC repair man has shown up.  

He is young with brown curly hair. His name is Chad. I watch him as he adjusts his hair in his side mirror, gathers his toolbelt, his tools, and of course his face mask (which he wears in our hot attic... hero!). And as he puts on his facemask, I put mine on as well. Chad is an influencer. His simple action reminded me of what I needed to do for my health and of how I can care for others. Chad’s influence affected me 

So that example may seem a little simple, but in truth, we are all influencers. And we are all surrounded by influencers. Some influencers may be people, others may be books, networks, radio stations, podcasts, etc.   

I am going to make an assumption about you – at some point, someone or something influenced you for Christ. Perhaps you are picking up thoughts and opinions about Him. If so, I want to share what I know to be true about God and His son, Jesus.  

The heavenly Father loves you so much that He is working in and through people (influencers) throughout the world with the purpose that ALL PEOPLE will be drawn to the Father. The Father wants humanity to live in the hope, peace, calm and love that comes from a vibrant and dynamic relationship with Him. The Father wants to gift people in such a way that this hope, peace, calm, and love will never be taken from them. He wants to give them a life worth living, a life worth experiencing, a life of abundantly good gifts every single day! 

You can live this life of abundance when you look to and follow the Father and His son, Jesus Christ. When He is the source of your identity, you trade anxiety for peace. You trade mourning for comfort. You trade pride for humility. You trade self-loathing for value 

The trade happens when we put our hope in Jesus Christ, the son of the heavenly Father. Jesus reconciled us to God. And when our hope is in Jesus, we will never be shaken because of who He is. (Col 1:8-23) 

This new way of living is both a one-time change and a continual transformation of our identity and purpose. The one-time change takes place when our identity is found in Jesus. We purpose in our heart that Jesus is our Lord, believing that God raised Him from the dead.  

The continual transformation takes place as we find our purpose in Jesus. We become more and more like Him, allowing Jesus to be the primary influencer in our lives and living to influence every single person to discover the hope and love that is found in Jesus 

We live with purpose because we KNOW the hope we can share with others at our work, our school, our appointments. This purpose is not dependent on our state of being. Our purpose is found in Jesus. We find meaning in influencing people for Jesus to know him, to obey him, and to proclaim Him as Lord. (Matthew 28:19-20) 

As He influences us, He transforms us. We live in peace because the doctor's diagnosis doesn’t change our identity or purpose. We live resilient because circumstances cannot change our why. We live in hope because every part of our lives is grounded in Jesus.  

People need to be surrounded by others who influence them to continually put their hope and trust in Jesus. People need to be pointed to hope, calm, resilience and love. We don’t need help being discouraged, but we do need people to remind us of an unchanging and mighty God. 

These are the questions Christ is posing to me through this focus on influencers: 

  • Who am I allowing to have influence over my life, thoughts, and actions? 
  • Who am I influencing for Christ? Am I living, speaking and behaving in ways that allow the hope of salvation to shine brightly in my life?  
  • Am I living the Christ life, filled with resilience, hope, boldness and faith? 
  • Am I surrounding myself, am I coating my mind, with the awe-inspiring magnificence of the mighty heavenly Father? 

I want to encourage you. Every day is a new day. We can always start over, walking in the power and humility of Christ. 

I also encourage you that what you say and do matters. In continually giving yourself over to God, you are influencing people for the Kingdom of Heaven, pointing to His power, His peace, His strength, His love. And He is who the world is longing to know. He is who our friends are hungry to be reminded of. He is the one who our neighbors are desperate to trust. And YOU are the one God can use to be an influencer for Christ. 

Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded. And surely, I am with you always, even until the end of the age. (Matthew 28:19-20) 

Pray for me to grow, and I will pray for you, too! 



Posted by Caroline Poe with 4 Comments


Linda B on 7/13/20 7:08am

Thank you, Caroline. As always you have “lifted me up” at a time much needed. You’ve encouraged me when I’ve needed it most. I thank God for you, my precious friend. He has once again blessed my life with yours.

Jane Lang on 7/13/20 8:17am

Friend, thank you for your convicting and encouraging words. Hope the AC fix wasn't too painful!

Betty Abdo on 7/13/20 11:21pm

Thank you for reminding me that No matter what happens we’re to be disciples carrying out the Great Commission even in these Covid days. Our circle of influence may be limited but we’re to be ready even in times like these.

Caroline Poe on 7/16/20 3:31pm

Thank you for the encouragement and for pointing me continually to the one who encourages our soul, moves us forward, and transforms our lives. You are a gift to worship and grow alongside!