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Hide and Seek

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One of my favorite games growing up was hide and seek.  I lived in a neighborhood with several other boys my age who became my closest friends.  Most days, we would gather at one of our houses and run through a list of options of things we could do.  This list included the typical options of riding bikes, playing sports, jumping on the trampoline, or playing video games.  When we were younger, however, hide and seek was a popular choice.  There was even a stretch where we started playing hide and seek inside the house.  The reason for this shift was because we loved playing in our socks and trying to run away from each other on wood floors (it was hilarious).  All that to say, the inherent joy in such a simple game never disappointed.  Whether you were the one who was determined to be “it” and did the seeking, or you were the one who was hiding, the game eventually turned into some form of epic chase.  No matter our ages, no matter who was "it", no matter where it took place, this simple game was infused with joy.
I believe the same can be said about our relationship with God.  This past Sunday we talked about how we ready ourselves for prayer and for worship.  An examination of Psalm 24 took us to the verse that encourages us to be the generation that seeks the face of the God of Jacob.  I want you to consider what such seeking may include.  Similar to this childhood game, the variables around our seeking of God will often change.  There are times our seeking of God will be initiated by opportunities and adventure.  Other times we will be prompted to seek Him as a response to grief or adversity.  It is true that these circumstances might cloud our perception of God in these moments.  It is not uncommon that when we are focused more on our circumstances God may feel forgotten or distant.  However, if we live into the encouragement of Psalm 24 and make Him our focus no matter our circumstances, we can direct our lives in such a way that we are always seeking His face.
It is important to not lose sight of the fact that God is a God of revelation.  He has revealed Himself.  He wants to be known.  He wants to be found.  Moreover, because of His infinite glory, as long as we are living, there is always more to discover.  Therefore, the seeking never ends.  We should seek Him on the mountain top or in the valley.  Maybe that’s where the reflection of this childhood game comes into play.  No matter our circumstances or situations, we should find joy in the seeking.  May the greatest influence of our perceptive be the fact that we have a Creator God who is slow to anger and abounding in love.  Rather than focus on earthly circumstances, let our time and energy be devoted to a relentless and unending seeking of Him.  If we can live with such a focus, I believe joy will abound in our every day.
So, as you begin a new week; as you begin a new day; let it be directed by the Holy Spirit that calls you to seek the face of the God of Jacob.  Seek Him with all your heart.  Seek Him with joy. 

Posted by Jerimiah Smith