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The Choice

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Buzz Lightyear and Woody bring loyalty and determination to the big screen in each of the Toy Story movies. The typical storyline is that they become complacent in their toy world, in-fighting starts, and then they are separated from their benevolent and loving person, Andy. The crisis is more than they can bare. Discouragement sets in. Then with huge obstacles before them, the characters unite and focus on their one goal, being reunited with Andy. The toys have their friendship tested, they chose the high road of helping others, and the movie ends when they are once again reunited with the one they love.

Being reminded of the importance of friendship, unity and determination is always a good thing. In reading scripture, we see Joshua do the same with the followers of God. The people have begun to live in the promised land. In Joshua 24, Joshua reminds God’s people of the calling of God. How God both heard and answered their prayers. He reminds them that God requires their whole heart and devotion.
Then Joshua calls the people to make a choice. They can either serve God with their whole heart or be complacent in their service. “Choose this day whom you will serve; ….but as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” He calls them to make a choice, and he challenges the people to renew their covenant with God, to be determined and focused in pursuing God.

As a corporate body, the same challenge is put before us. God has brought University Baptist Church through some amazing territory. He has kept His promises faithfully, answering prayer and rescuing us in times of need. He calls us to be determined and focused in pursuing God both corporately and individually. With a united heart, we are to chase after God. Let’s make today the day of our wholehearted commitment!


- Caroline

Posted by Caroline Poe