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What Do Your Prayers Sound Like?

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What do your prayers sound like?
That’s a weird question, but think for a minute about the conversations we have with other people. Sometimes we talk a lot. Other times we don’t get a chance to say much because other people do most of the talking. Sometimes we speak quietly and calmly. Other times we get excited or emotional and talk more quickly. Sometimes we fill our conversations with celebration. Other times with complaints or remorse. Sometimes we narrate or report. Other times we ask questions or favors.
Our conversations with God take on different tones, cadences and characteristics. It fascinates and comforts me that we can speak directly to our Creator and He listens. One example, in 1 Chronicles 5:20 (CEV), says, “whenever these soldiers went to war against their enemies, they prayed to God and trusted Him to help. That’s why the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and East Manasseh defeated the Hagrites and their allies.”
That’s really something. It sounds simple on the surface – we pray, God listens – but this implies a few things we need to remember.
First, these soldiers were ordinary people doing their jobs. We need to remember to do what God has told us to do. Second, they asked for help when they needed it. We need to remember that we’re not expected to do things alone. Third, they trusted God. We need to remember to pray with faith and not with words alone.
“They prayed to God and trusted Him to help.” We should do more of this. - Kathy Raines

Posted by Kathy Raines