The World Mission Offering

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One of the key convictions at UBC is to embrace holistic giving. We understand that requires giving more than your finances but your time and your skills as well. That said, your financial support is essential to be effective in our missional efforts. We seek to foster a posture of giving that is cheerful, sacrificial and generous. What makes giving to missions unique is the World Mission Offering. While we do have many of these items included in the overall church budget, we also have a special offering that we refer to as The World Mission Offering. It is designed to be an easy way for people to give to all of our missional efforts. An annual goal and specific allocations are set by the Missions Committee each year.

Read below for these allocations and for more information on how you can give.

Baptist Partnerships (12%)

Each financial gift helps support our traditional Baptist partnerships that are both local and global. Annie Armstrong, Mary Hill Davis and Lottie Moon are all offerings we contribute to through the gifts given to the WMO.

International Partnerships (24%)

We have fostered meaningful partnerships around the world. We aren’t always able to send teams to these locations but utilize these gifts to aid with the ministries of trusted partners.

Local Efforts (24%)

The WMO helps provide additional financial support to our local ministry efforts. This may include church planting efforts within the U.S. or ministry areas in the Fort Worth area (Mission House, Apartment Ministries, ESL, etc.).

Short-Term Trips (40%)

We are a church that loves to send teams to help foster these relationships around the world. Giving to the WMO helps with the financial costs to send teams to Guatemala, the Border, Africa, the Middle East and Colombia to name a few.