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Sunday morning Worship

Our church gathers on Sunday mornings at 10:30 A.M. to worship together. College students are welcome to join this morning gathering. UBC is near TCU, with our front doors opening across the street from Sherley dorm, and students can easily walk to services from the campus. 

For students wishing to dive deeper and/or connect with the church body in a greater way on Sundays, join us for Enriched - our church wide Sunday morning Bible study - at 9:30 AM. Each week there are three Enriched classes offered. After eight weeks, a new set of classes begins. These classes are open to attendance every week.


Join us on Sunday nights at 5:30 p.m. in UBC's College House - 2713 Wabash Ave. for an evening of Bible Study, worship and dinner with other college students and local young adults! UBC is a two minute walk from TCU and centrally located in Fort Worth. This space is open to all college-aged students or young professionals, whether life-long believers or newly questioning and curious.

What to Expect
In the UBC College Ministry you can a combination of Teaching, Community, Worship and Service. We believe spiritual formation is a personal road that the Lord leads us through corporately - that personal devotion to Jesus and life change grow as we are with our peers and with those outside of our peer circles. 

College Discipleship 

One of our key convictions at UBC is to be discipleship focused. It is the heartbeat of what we do. We believe discipleship should not only impact you as an individual, but it should impact lostness as well. College students are invited to be part of Discipleship Groups. These groups meet as part of The Table on Thursday nights. Groups are focused on helping young adults grow in their faith and learn how to disciple others. Learn more about D-Groups by watching the video below and filling out the Discipleship Form.

Another avenue for discipleship is Adopt-A-Student. Students who join this program are matched with UBC individuals and families to have local support. This can look like everything from having a local family to have a meal with now and again to being taken in and intentionally mentored by someone who has gone through a few more seasons than you. Let us know your interests on the Discipleship Form and we will match you from there! 

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College Discipleship Groups

 D-groups are a place for small groups of students (12 or fewer) to gather together to study God's word and learn what it means to be a "disciple who makes disciples." We are inviting our college-aged students to sign up using the form below. If you have any questions about D-Groups, please contact

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College Events

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