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Hide and Seek

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One of my favorite games growing up was hide and seek.  I lived in a neighborhood with several other boys my age who became my closest friends.  Most days, we would gather at one of our houses and run through a list of options of things we could do.  This list included the typical options of riding bikes, playing sports, jumping on the trampoline, or playing video games.  When we were younger, however, hide and seek was a popular choice.  There was even a stretch...

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Posted by Jerimiah Smith


Wednesday evenings, UBC hosts Renewal – a space for discipleship, healing, and recovery. Two years ago, this program helped me deal with the grief and depression that I had been living with for a very long time. Now I am walking through it again to deepen my walk with Christ and refine some areas that separate me from the hope and joy that Christ gives.  Our current focus is centered on belief in God with the premise that our beliefs influence our actions. One of the questions...

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Posted by Caroline Poe

Church and Family

“The church and the family are inherently connected to one another, and the well-being of one is dependent on the other.” - Chris Shirley, Family Ministry and the Church: A Leader's Guide for Ministry Through Families I have been thinking a lot about this lately. When you look at your family and your home, how do you see the church reflected? And when you look at your church, how do you see your family reflected? My prayer is that you find reflections of both in each other. In...

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Posted by Martha Harvey