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Giving Our Hearts to God

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Have you ever wondered why a man gets down on one knee when he decides it’s time to propose to the woman he wants to marry?  Your basic Google search would suggest this custom finds its roots when knights would kneel before their lord’s as a sign of allegiance, loyalty and respect.  In short, it’s a gesture of humility and surrender.  I remember feeling that way when I proposed to my wife.  In many ways, getting down on one knee was intended to help...

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The Persecuted Church

I couldn’t stop reading.  At the age of 16, the truth of the gospel was beginning to take root and I couldn’t get enough of it.  Granted, in those first few years there was so much that was beyond my understanding, but it didn’t stop me from reading.  It was devotionals first and then the Bible.  The Bible felt like a letter written to me personally.  Each time I opened the pages it was like God was speaking to me in ways I’d never experienced...

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Who Will I Bless Today?

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There’s a simple question we can all ask ourselves that will change everything about our day today.  It will change our outlook, our attitude and our focus.  It will make our worries seem smaller and draw us closer to a sense of fulfillment.  It’s a question that will inject meaning and positivity into our day.  With all that being known, it goes without saying that it’s a question worth asking.  Here’s the question I hope each of us asks...

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